The one thing that is always clear in my mind is that the people, and their stories, and the themes of life that I photograph are always more important to me than the process of photography itself.
— Peter Turnley


Ya know, you could shop around for a few weeks for a photographer that best fits your financial needs. And you may even get lucky and find someone who will produce a pretty cool outcome! But, I want a relationship. I wanna meet up for a cup of coffee (I take mine black with honey) OR even a glass of wine. Let's hang out and see what you really want from your photographer. And because of that, I can guarantee the result of your photos will be better than just average.


Over the last several years I have spent countless hours location scouting. What is that? Living in the midwest, specifically Indiana, there aren't mountains or large landscapes with breathtaking views. Or so you think ;) I make some pretty normal locations look enchanting. The biggest part in that? YOU! the energy you  bring to a photo session determines the outcome. Location is only one piece of the pie. But you can bet your bottom dollar I've found the perfect one for you! 


The final product is totally unique to you. Whether it's a portrait session or wedding, the online gallery delivered with your images will not look like anyone else's. You book your artist based on that thing that separates them from the rest, right? Well I can promise I'm not scouring Pinterest first to get inspiration. YOU inspire me. From the first time we chat over email, to our in person consultation to the session itself. Unique, in-the moment images that cannot be repeated. Your online gallery is password protected and easily sharealbe! Your friends and family will enjoy the simplicity of your finished product. When a package includes the print release, you can take your photos to any approved print company!